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Gain greater financial control with a platform that does more.

A Card To Make Life Easy

In today’s world it’s important to have options. Firepay will offer you flexibility and freedom to allocate your money your way. Options include virtual and physical cards. Make payments online and in store. Money management will allow you to monitor your spending and cash flow.


Use your card at retailers and restaurants throughout the US and enjoy the freedom of paying your way.

Direct Deposit

Receive payments from your employer or contract partners using direct deposit. Simply provide your details and get paid!

Online Shopping

Use your card with thousands of e-Commerce platform for safe secure shopping and convenient purchasing.

2 Ways To Carry Firepay

Virtual Cards

Virtual cards can be used anywhere card payments can be accepted. They are perfect for digital transactions and payments. To use them in a store at a point of sale terminal the digital cards can be tokenized and added to a digital wallet such as Apple Pay® Google Pay® or Samsung Pay®

Physical Card

Firepay is a leading payments technology platform. We empower merchants and consumers with improved safety speed and convenience using smart cards and online transaction services, so you can reduce your fraud losses and simplify your business process.

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